Friday, January 13, 2012

Words of Wisdom

When I was a young mother with toddlers I would talk to my coworker about problems with my kids, ear infections, diaper rash, not sleeping through the night, Bryan biting his classmate, etc. She would listen to me and say "Little Kids, Little Problems, Big Kids, Big Problems." She had been through a husband in prison, her brother dying from AIDS, her teenage daughter pregnant and on welfare. She probably thought to herself, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Her words of wisdom stuck with me and I always thought some day I will be in for it! That time is now. It is amazing how even though your children are adults you are still there, sweating every moment.

Yesterday Bryan got packed up and on the road after a lot of girlfriend drama, he is off for his second semester. Two hours into his 4 hour ride I get a call. "My rear tire blew out while I was driving" I about had a heart attack. He was shaken up but fine, he didn't harm any other drivers and he got the truck to a rest area so he wasn't on the side of the highway. His truck has body damage, which is a shame because of the age, it is hard to replace parts.
My mind started immediately racing "what do we do? While I am panicking, Jim calls and happens to have a buddy in Macon who is willing to go to Bryan and help him, since he had no spare tire, he was stranded. They removed the tire had a new one remounted, $180 later he was back on the road.

This was not the only excitement during Christmas break, some of his friends were in a bad car accident, another got a DUI, one was getting evicted from his apartment. Now these are all seemingly good kids and I know they have great parents. The road to adulthood sure is rocky!


Wenderina said...

Oh my. Let's hope that is the end of drama for a while. And of all the things you mention a tire blowout may feel like he won the lottery over the other choices.

JeannetteLS said...

I remember it well. It DOES calm down in their thirties... or they tend to share the drama with friends more than parents, I'm not sure which!