Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summertime in NY

We just got back from a lovely family reunion in Rochester, NY. We saw the sights, had great visits with relatives, ate too much Rochester fare and soaked in the wonderful "upstate in June" climate before heading back to the hazy hot and humid south. We took the boys to see Niagra Falls I hadn't been there in 23 years, it was still as awe-inspiring as ever. We loaded up everybody, my brothers, their wives, my niece and nephews and mom and dad and headed out.  It was just as enjoyable to drive trough the countryside along Lake Ontario and see all the little farm communities. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.  We went down behind the falls, you really feel the power when you are down below watching the water fall!

Then we headed out to Letchworth State Park, they call it "the Grand Canyon of the East" and they aren't kidding, it was breathtaking!

We also managed to squeeze in the Rochester Jazz festival. 

The first photos are Letchworth followed by Niagra Falls.