Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Diva Dog

This past week, Jim and I had the fortunate coincidence of having both kids gone for 4 days, Chris visiting family in Florida and Bryan at a UCF Football camp. Free at last, I thought. I guess I wasn't thinking about the fact that we still have 2 clingy Dachshunds! They are truly under foot all the time, if I'm in a chair, they are on my lap, if I am cooking in the kitchen, they are standing directly under me to catch any slip-of-the-hand that may occur, nothing ever lands on the floor in my house, it is always caught in mid-air.

The latest addition we have had for just under a year, she is adorable and silky and cuddly but "dumber than a box of rocks". We are still having trouble with house breaking her and she is a destruction machine, each day we find one of her little "projects" She is kept in a crate during the day, I don't know when she manages to seek and destroy.

My older dog is so "with the program" she fits right in, I wish she could impart her wisdom to the younger dog, but I think she enjoys being the good girl, when the diva dog strikes.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Brush Cut Kids

When I was growing up every summer we used to go to "the mountains" for a vacation. Now there were us normal people from the burbs who went up to the mountains for some R &R and then there were the types that lived up there pemanently through the desolate and cold winters. One of these famililes had a litter of boys there had to be at least six. They all sported brush cuts, which back in the shaggy-haired 70's looked pretty strange to us. So they were dubbed the "brush cut kids" they ran wild and free.

I never thought anything of it until recently when Bryan came home from workouts with a brush cut, the guys in the weight room had a bet going and he was the shaggiest kid in the room so he lost a bet and they shaved his head. Well it turned out to be a real favor because he loves the freedom of no hair to worry about.

So I had to buy some clippers to keep up with the maintenance --I was certainly not going to pay a barber every 2 weeks to shave him down! Well now Chris and Jim have joined in and I have my very own set of "brush cut kids." It sure cuts down on the barber bill, which I suspect is why that mother back in the 70's was shaving her boys. I just line them up and shave them down, it's like shearing sheep! Now everyone is cool for their summer sports and I have extra money to buy that expensive shampoo I love when I go to the salon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Freedom

Well summer got off to a rocky start, the first night of Bryan's 'summer of freedom' with his own wheels ended in a lapse of judgement in a 16 year old brain.
He was hanging out with friends he checked in as required at 11 p.m. and says"I'll be home in half an hour." I agree and tell him I am going to sleep. I wake up around 12:30 in a panic he isn't home yet! I assume something terrible has happened, since he has been really good about his curfew up to this point. My stomach churning and heart pounding, I call him, he casually says "Oh I decided to spend the night and didn't want to call and wake you up to tell you" I was so furious I couldn't sleep the rest of the night! I suppose its impossible for him to realize how scary this whole thing is from my perspective.

Needless to say, he is having a very boring first week of summer break.