Monday, January 25, 2010

Commute Time

I spend as little time as possible in my vehicle, I am blessed with having and unbelievably short commute (less than 5 minutes) when the roads are not washed out.
However on Wednesdays, I make the long (don't laugh) 30 minute commute with my younger son to religion class. It has become a really nice uninterrupted time for us to talk about faith and his philosophy on things from a 10 year old's standpoint. Sometimes he has to do his homework reading so he will read it to me and I have to admit I usually learn something about the Bible I didn't know. Then we discuss what it all means.

Someone once told me Chris was an "Old Soul" --I had never heard that term before but I think it does apply to him. Last week he was thinking deep thoughts about Heaven and dying. He told me he could not go on without me if I passed away. I told him "you would be suprised what you can do" and that I never thought I could stand being on this planet with out my little sister, but you somehow adapt. I reassured him that he will be able to handle anything that life throws at him.

The stolen half-hour there and half-hour back we have together is a really nice thing hopefully he will remember when he gets older.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Day!

The big "blizzard" of 2010 is over. It was actually more of an ice event. You can't see it in the pictures, it was very icy and we all did end up slipping and falling on the ice at one time or another. I have to admit I stayed in the house all day on the worst day because I was more concerned about the other inexperienced drivers out there! Jim witnessed many accidents when he ventured out.
The South truly can't handle winter weather.