Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The greatest thing since...

I have discovered something wonderful, well actually my son who shares my love of music discovered it and passed it onto me...

PANDORA, A Music Genome Project. It is a web-based personal radio station.

It is a music lover's dream come true, especially when you are chained to a computer 8 hours a day. You let it know what type of music you like and it chooses songs for you, if you don't like it, it will stop playing it and pick another, it has some sort of intellegence built in. I felt like it was reading my mind! It also exposed me to no less than 10 songs/artists in the first hour I had never heard before, but loved. If you change moods, you punch in a different type of music and viola a new group of songs appears.

You must try it! www.pandora.com

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oww, Ooh and Ahh

I had a weekend of contradictions.

The Oww -- I hurt my back lifting something I shouldn't have, getting ready for our company to arrive. I felt a twinge which got increasingly worse. So, as I am at the doctor's office lying on his table crying in pain, not able to get up, my company is calling to tell me they have arrived! The doctor urged me to go to the ER for some heavy-duty meds, but I refused. I have things to do! I quickly realized that I couldn't even drive, so Bryan and Jim came to my rescue at the doctor's office and got me over to the physical therapist. After 3 sessions and a week of taking it easy I am up and about.
There I was flat on my back, while my guests fended for themselves, they were so much help. I wasn't much of a hostess, but when you are in that amount of pain you quickly take any help you can get!

The Ooh and Ahh --After several days, I was talked into a boat ride to see the fireworks --they were amazing! the night was cool and the fireworks were spectacular! Glad, I didn't miss them. The boat ride gave me a bit of a relapse. But it was a good memory with the kids.