Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My brothers just went on a "Mancation" to Lake Tahoe. I am so happy for them, they both work very hard and surely deserved a wonderful break.
Of course since losing my sister, those old feelings come back from childhood when they had each other and I was odd girl out. I was so happy when she was born and we got the news she was a girl, I finally had somebody just for me! (Little did I know she was a total Tomboy) but as the years went by we became very close. We had some incredible adventures together and had many other trips planned together. An accident stole her from my future, and I have realized now I have to rely on my longtime girlfriends to fill in for her, because there is nothing like having a common history with people. In a few weeks I am going down to reconnect with my "girls" in Florida and just can't wait to see them!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Songs

My sister in law and I took my mother in law to see Elton John and Billy Joel face to face last week--she had always wanted to see them and I had never seen Elton before, it was the 3rd time I have seen Billy. It was phenomenal, 4 hours of memory evoking songs, I was emotionally drained at the end, I think I knew the words to every song and the melodies are so ingrained in my soul, it was something I will never forget. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last weekend the weather finally broke and I casually commented that the grill needed cleaning, my husband being the perfectionist that he is completely disassembled the grill , rebuilt and replaced burners, ground down any rusty spots degreased and repainted the entire grill! I can't believe how awesome it looks it had 5 years of grease caked on it. We ended up spending $100 on parts but better than $500 for a new grill !

Project number 2 was Chris's emergency reading project that he "remembered" was due the next day, and he had baseball practice until 8:30 that night so panic ensued. Dad to the rescue, he helped Chris fashion a really cool case out of shoe box tops and an old suitcase handle for his project-- the teacher was totally impressed and Chris was on top of the world!