Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raindrops and puppies...

Well this week has gotten off to a crazy start!

Our new Dachshund puppy was ready to come home, we picked up Cleo during the middle of the rain storm. We listened to the torrential downpour all night while the puppy slept quietly, then Jim got up to check on her and she thought at 5 a.m. -"yeah it's time to play!" So we were both sleep deprived. Got ready for work and the mayhem ensued... roads washed out everywhere traffic backed up beyond description.

It is amazing the terrible feeling you have when you can't get to your house. Now I understand why people get swept away, you really lose your bearing when it is raining so hard and you are on a strange road. At one point on the way home, I took a wrong turn and was down some strange country road, I kept following it and came out on a familiar street, what a relief.

Above is a photo I swiped off Facebook of a nearby main intersection and the new baby!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It seems nearly impossible that you were stolen away from us 731 days ago. I never thought I could go on without you, little sis... my father said the morning after, that he thought the sun would not rise, he was suprised when it shone brightly that next morning, our lives have surely been dimmed.

Sometimes I imagine where you would be now, certainly married, maybe a business owner, your MBA was only a few months away... it was all so close. You were so full of life and possibilities, the most positive, talented, brilliant and beautiful woman I will ever know.
You were courageous and caring, you were the best hostess, when you pulled me out of my comfort zone and into your world in Barcelona. Thank God I made it over there to visit you.
I often thought of all the joys you will miss out on in life and then realized you will also be spared any of life's sorrows as well, you were perfectly happy and beautiful when you died, you will not have to suffer the loss of loved ones or your own declining health someday, you will not suffer disappointments, this is some comfort to me. I am afraid to go through them without you by my side, but I will manage.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Slow Education in Wine

At the ripe old age of 40 is when I started giving wine a chance. Thanks to a wino buddy (you know who you are!) I have begun to find out about this mysterious universe of wine.

I sure wish I could have a do-over when I was in Spain, to be more adventurous. My sister tried very hard to get me to appreciate the Spanish wine offerings. I guess the palate just takes time to develop. My brother, a certified wine snob, warned me --he said it will become an expensive habit, once you've had the good stuff you can't go back. Well the cheapskate that I am, I haven't delved into an expensive bottle of wine yet.

The other night though, I did get to sample some moderate priced wines at a girl's night out wine tasting. Seven wines to taste, all from a vinyard right here in Georgia, some were not to my liking --but some were wonderful! Of course they only give you a small sip. It was a great way to find out before you plunk down $25 and realize its not for you! I didn't end up getting a bottle, times are tight but it is definitely in the back of my mind for a splurge in the future.
It's amazing I could get this far in life not even knowing what a Shiraz, Pinot Noir or Sirah tasted like, glad I gave it a chance! I didn't need another vice, but it sure is fun! Julie would be proud.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Last night was one of those moments a mom relishes in.

Seeing Bryan out there on the football field grinning from ear-to-ear, he just loves this game and loves being part of a team. Their team is 2-0 (that's 2 wins and no losses to you non-football types) after a last season record of 0-10 (that's no wins and 10 losses) they are on a roll. He was chosen as captain last week and it is nice to see him in a leadership role with the younger boys.

It was a perfect night for football--our first cool fall evening and we were playing our cross-town rivals, in the end we won 28-14.

Bryan got the idea to douse the coach like they do in the pro leagues, he got permission from one of the other coaches and gave their coach, who suffered through all those losses with them last year, a good celebratory soaking, everyone loved it!

It nice to finally reap some rewards from many years of hard work and waiting for those elusive wins! Go Eagles!