Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Houseful at the Holidays

A full house is the way I like it best, Jim and I have relatives in many different states and wanted to have a home that could accommodate a whole bunch of guests, so this Thanksgiving when we had a bunch of visitors we were happy to host. Lots of laughs and good times were had. A game of Spinner a Rock Band Conert with Mom on guitar, Dad on drums, Bryan singing. We went up to an awesome museum Tellus in Cartersville. Mom and I even got out for aquick shopping trip.


Wenderina said...

Oh how sweet! I hope you are having another houseful (or joining another houseful) for Christmas. Miss you - Have a Merry!

JeannetteLS said...

Thank you for sharing your houseful. I'm with you. I served dinner for nine--which is a houseful for my little place--and it chased the blues entirely away. The singing. We do toys for one another. Ridiculous wind up toys. Singing and tapdancing flamingos. Gifts that are handed around with a story attached... one has been handed around for thirty years, the other going on fourteen now! But the people, the love. Thank you.

mari said...

Hi Michelle - It looks like you had a lovely time with Jon and Bonnie. The puppy is lovely!
Lots of hugs from Barcelona