Monday, January 25, 2010

Commute Time

I spend as little time as possible in my vehicle, I am blessed with having and unbelievably short commute (less than 5 minutes) when the roads are not washed out.
However on Wednesdays, I make the long (don't laugh) 30 minute commute with my younger son to religion class. It has become a really nice uninterrupted time for us to talk about faith and his philosophy on things from a 10 year old's standpoint. Sometimes he has to do his homework reading so he will read it to me and I have to admit I usually learn something about the Bible I didn't know. Then we discuss what it all means.

Someone once told me Chris was an "Old Soul" --I had never heard that term before but I think it does apply to him. Last week he was thinking deep thoughts about Heaven and dying. He told me he could not go on without me if I passed away. I told him "you would be suprised what you can do" and that I never thought I could stand being on this planet with out my little sister, but you somehow adapt. I reassured him that he will be able to handle anything that life throws at him.

The stolen half-hour there and half-hour back we have together is a really nice thing hopefully he will remember when he gets older.


Wenderina said...

What a nice story. I was also called an old soul, but I think it had more to do with my cranky stick in the mud attitude than deep thoughts ;-)

JeannetteLS said...

Lovely... When I tutor my 14-year-old nephew, I pick him up to drive him the half hour to his house. I value that time with him more than the tutoring. And I learn more than I care to admit... from a teenager. I think, his is a brand new soul. When people ask him what he wants to be, he gets frustrated. "How do I know? One minute I want to be an orchestra conductor, then a rock star, then a history teacher... maybe a duck! I'm just 13!"

They get older way too fast. My son turned 37 today! But my best friend/sister's kid is thirteen. Go figure. I may not always comment, but I love your blog.