Thursday, April 8, 2010


Last night I took Chris to his first Broadway production, we saw South Pacific a good G-rated oldie, it was really fun. I wanted him to experience something like this before it is not cool to see a musical with your mom. He hugged and thanked me several times after the show. He said it was better than he expected. I didn't know how a child of the technology age would appreciate a live orchestra and painted sets, but I am happy to report the magic of live theatre must still be alive and well. The Fox Theatre is magnificent, it opened in 1929 and seeing a show there is like a walk back in time.


Wenderina said...

It was great wasn't it? Did Chris even get the racial moral of the story about the islanders and the "white" folk? I hummed some enchanted evening for 2 weeks after seeing in NY. So glad you both enjoyed it.

Chelle said...

Yes he really paid attention and got that aspect of it!