Monday, November 15, 2010

Painful Perk

I have a great arrangement at work where I have access to a low cost massage once a month , this is a good thing since I have chronic back and neck pain from 25 years of sitting in front of a computer.

I have a love/hate relationship with this process, it feels indulgent since the massuese is awesome and knows my back problems very well, she is methodical and so knowledgeable, and one hour of peace and uninterrupted attention is so nice. But oooh does it hurt, during and after, the next day I feel beat up, but I know it is a necessary part of unlocking my tight muscles, I will keep going back for more!

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Wenderina said...

I'm kind of a wierd female who doesn't like massages or even mani/pedi's much. I'm learning that I need to start loving them to take better care though. My favorite part of any spa occasion though? Steam showers. I take the max time allowed and just veg out in there. Aaaahhhh.