Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Update

I have been having a busy couple months I got a promotion at work and am now using every ounce of brain power and don't have much left for blogging. We have managed to have some fun this summer. It started of with a big graduation party, Jim did a great job transforming the backyard and feeding the crowd. Bryan requested a Southern BBQ so we fired up the neighbors smoker and made a bunch of pulled pork and chickens, it was a big hit. We slept 17 in the house, it was really special having everyone come to wish Bryan well. Weren't able to "get away" but have made the most of the beautiful area we live in. The best thing we did was go to my boss's luxury cabin on Lake Nantahala seen below.

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Wenderina said...

Hey Chelle-Bean - great pictures...looks like a good summer. That cabin ain't nothin' like the campin' cabins we used to do in Young Life or at Woodstream. That's my kind of back-woods accommodations.