Monday, August 29, 2011

Rose Colored Glasses

After spending the weekend dropping off my son at college I was feeling nostalgic, remembering all the good times. What I seemed to have forgotten, which is all flooding back to my memory now is all the struggles, being a fish out of water, having trouble finding your way around, having trouble socially, making bad decisions. It is all coming back to me as I hear in his voice through his first weeks, the anxiety that goes along with being a Freshman. I have to say many of the memories are not ones I care to relive, but as they say, it made me the strong person I am today. So when he calls me with all his worries, I will remain tough and just listen and remind him we have all gone through this awkward stage in our lives, and we survived.

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Wenderina said...

It's so easy to forget how hard that time really was...then...and how it seems appealing to go back and relive it knowing what we know now. Just remember, he'll be thinking that way sometime soon as well.