Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last weekend the weather finally broke and I casually commented that the grill needed cleaning, my husband being the perfectionist that he is completely disassembled the grill , rebuilt and replaced burners, ground down any rusty spots degreased and repainted the entire grill! I can't believe how awesome it looks it had 5 years of grease caked on it. We ended up spending $100 on parts but better than $500 for a new grill !

Project number 2 was Chris's emergency reading project that he "remembered" was due the next day, and he had baseball practice until 8:30 that night so panic ensued. Dad to the rescue, he helped Chris fashion a really cool case out of shoe box tops and an old suitcase handle for his project-- the teacher was totally impressed and Chris was on top of the world!

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Wenderina said...

Ok, bring that husband of yours up here for a visit so he can "perfect" some of our stuff. We have a 1920's house, the doorknobs/door alignments alone could keep him busy for a week.