Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oasis from Chaos

My life, now that school is back in session, has become increasingly hectic, with spurts of chaos, but we are surviving. The tough part is looking over at the neighbor's pool where I spent MANY lazy evenings this spring and summer, kicking back with a cocktail or floating around on a raft, while we discussed the topic of the day. Always included in the discussion was the weather and the economy, nothing too deep. Lately, I have not had a single minute to drop over and relax! I don't dare go over there, then homework doesn't get done, dinner doesn't get cooked, etc.

When we moved in the house Chris jumped out of the car, ran through the house onto the back deck and shouted, "Mom we have a pool!" I told him no it wasn't ours, but I was wrong! We have the best neighbors who welcome us over anytime, and have even allowed me to host many of the boy's birthday parties at their pool.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can schedule in some time over at the oasis soon! It is calling me!

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Wenderina said...

Head north a few miles. We've got an oasis here too.