Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three-Ring Circus

After a very busy day at work, I find myself in the detour back-up stressing out -- the road to my house has not been repaired yet. (See earlier post)

It is only 4 p.m. and I have no idea what aggravation is awaiting me.

I run to the house to pick up Chris, I need to fight traffic 10 miles to teach religion class. Topic of the day: end of the world, purgatory heaven and hell (not easy concepts for 1st graders--don't get me started). I get through the class, I think the kids are more confused, as am I, than when class began.

It is now 6 p.m., fight traffic to get Chris to his baseball practice, as I am pulling in the field a little early, Bryan calls, "can you come get me?" The only conversation the two of us seem to have lately. So I make a U-turn to pick him up, I only have a few minutes for this to take place, his buddy comes out to the car, Bryan is no where to be found. Meanwhile, Chris starts dancing around "I need to pee," "well quickly go find a bathroom" I holler! He comes back 5 minutes later, soaked, he didn't find a bathroom in time! Meanwhile, Bryan's buddy is in my car and he is ripe from football, a smell that cannnot be described-- add to that the pee-soaked boy.

Bryan still nowhere--so I leave --I am fuming!

Now I need to run to the house to get Chris fresh clothes -- oh yeah--the detour back up is between us and fresh clothes, so there we sit in the back up, my blood pressure is rising.

I drop off Bryan's buddy, I call Jim to pick up Bryan--I am too mad to see him anytime soon!

We get to the house --the dogs are hysterical -it is now 2 hours past their dinner time--they are both whining, so I tell them to hop in the car. I run Chris over to baseball, puppy in arms, where Jim and Bryan are waiting, I pick up Bryan in the parking lot--"Hi Mom, what's for dinner?"

My head is going to explode at this point.

It is now 7:30, back in the detour--everyone is "starving" luckily there are leftovers in the fridge-- cause mama ain't cookin'.

Everyone is back home by 8:45.

Time to collapse.


Wenderina said...

Oh my god. Chelle - I'd say what a day, but it was more like shoving a weekend into 3 hours. And poor need to instruct him in the manly art of dropping trou and marking his territory anywhere (alley, tree, bush, etc.) It's the only thing I've ever envied of them. Hang in there.

JeannetteLS said...

there is NOTHING like ripe boy. Nothing. I remember those days, and now I am hyperventilating just thinking about it. What a wonderful blog. I just found you through Carl. Another find!