Friday, October 9, 2009

Half My Life!

This is my favorite picture of us as a young couple! We recently celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, without much fanfare, Jim wasn't feeling well, recovering from the H1N1 Flu, but he made the effort to take me out to dinner (he has learned something in the past 20 years!)

He is still my hero, and I am constantly amazed at the projects he will tackle and complete beautifully. We still manage to laugh on a daily basis and are proud of the life we have built. We enjoy reflecting back on the old days and have so much history together it is a truly special relationship. Every day is not a picnic, but we manage past all that!
Here's to many more years together...


Anonymous said...

oh my GOD, bryan looks just like jim in this pix! WOW! Love it.
also, the words you wrote to julie were absolutely beautiful. but um, was the wino reference directed at ME perhaps?????

Wenderina said...

Isn't is astonishing how fast life goes by. I have a card that Hubby gave me a few years ago, framed on my desk - "Sometimes I wonder where the years have gone, but never how else I might have spent them." I agree it isn't always easy, but damn girl, we lucked out.