Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two of My Favorite People

My cousin Brendan got married on St. Patrick's Day at 12 noon, with the sounds of bagpipes echoing in the air, what a great day, the weather was flawless, no humidity, about 70 degrees, and the flowering trees of North Carolina were putting on a beautiful show.

We were met at our beautiful hotel room with a goody bag and a carefully planned itinerary. we arrived late the day before the wedding after fighting Atlanta traffic. I was totally exhausted but had trouble sleeping knowing in the morning I would get to see my extended family for the first time in about 18 months. I popped awake in the morning, jumped in the shower and headed down to the lobby for a family reunion over breakfast. What a great feeling to have all the people you love together in one room! Such a rare occasion in our family-- we are spread out all over the country.

Brendan's wife is a perfect match for him and fits right in to our clan. We hit it off from the minute we met, and I am so happy to see this union!

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Wenderina said...

How lovely. Weddings and funerals are the only things that bring us together anymore. Sadly, I will be experiencing the latter this weekend for an aunt who passed away.I looked at the calendar today and realized my Dad died 8 years ago today, and my cousin Brian died just one year ago this month. I'm thinking of wiping March off the calendar.