Friday, April 1, 2011

Not Like We Used to Do It!

The day I had been waiting 17 years for finally arrived! My baby boy was going to the Prom! I was excited to see his girlfriend and him in my living room looking beautiful. I would be snapping photos and tearing up as they drove away....not in the 21st century.

From the minute she was sending him cellphone pictures from the dressing room, seeing if he liked the dress she was trying on, I knew it would not be "like I remember it."

The Prom and all that surround it, is now a group event --don't have a date --no problem you just pick a "picture partner" no strings attached. Pose for the photos and you are done, no need to buy her dinner.

The boy going to pick up his date in his car? Nope, the girl is dropped off by her parents where they all board the Disco Bus. At the end of the night the girl is picked up by her parents to take her home.

The boys aren't even that interested in finding their date in the crowd! I was envisioning a totally different scenario of romance and hand holding.

The photo op consisted of me following Bryan to the gathering place, hunting down his date and jockeying for a position like paparazzi with all the other parents for a good shot. The parents were all looking at each other saying "This in not like we used to do it!"

Apparently they had a great time, he texted me, telling me he "danced his heart out," at least that hasn't changed.

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Wenderina said...

You were just projecting since you met the love of your life as a blind date to your prom. The group thing is awesome! No pressure and yet lots of fun I'm sure.