Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Fabulous NYC Adventure!

This is my first posting, I was inspired and prompted by my dear friend Wendy to start a blog she finds it a good way to keep her writing skills fresh. i like the idea of a running diary that you can look back on and reflect. Life sure is busy and if you don't stop and record it sometimes it can fade away!

Well here are some photo highlights from my trip:

First stop was the rink at Rockafeller Plaza, not being a gifted skater we passed on taking a spin around the rink thanks to a nice Aussie tourist who took our picture.


Wenderina said...

woo hoo - welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to keeping up with your adventures (in NYC and at home).

KiKi said...

She got you too, eh? I too caught the blogging bug from Miz Wenderina. Welcome to blogging!