Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NYC Adventure Part 2

Whenever I am in NYC I am reinvigorated when I see the preservation of our American heritage and the cherishing of culture, we languished in the Met for hours at one point we were staring so long at a painting the guard told us to backup! The Met just elevates the soul, the architecture of the building itself lifts you up and then you wander through centuries of artwork, carefully preserved and shared with the masses, I was surprised on the day we went, the thousands of people lining up to see in animate objects. Everybody assumes nowadays we have to be plugged in to enjoy things, this is truly the opposite. The NY Public Library was also amazing, with a great exhibit on Yaddo an artist's colony that has been in existence for a century and I had never heard of it.
Luckily my travel partner was equally as interested in these things.

Here we are at the Met and NY Public Library:

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Wenderina said...

By the way - never wearing that green sweater again - I look HUGE!