Friday, November 21, 2008

Mom's Taxi Gets a Break

Well unfortunately for Bryan his football season that began with training in April ended abruptly Friday night when they lost in the first round of play-offs. Everyone was stunned, it was a really good season the team was 9-2, and I am sure he made lifelong friends. I can tell they are really making a man out of him, because this morning despite temps in the 30s and 40 mph winds he got up early and walked the 1/2 mile to the bus stop, not waking me for a ride. His workouts continue even though the season is over. It is so nice not to run him around everywhere, but I must admit, we have our best talks when we have uninterrupted time in the car, also when I am transporting his friends which happened often, I would get to catch up on the latest things going on in the mysterious life of 15 year olds.

So our nights are a lot less hectic now until March when baseball starts up again.

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Wenderina said...

Bummer Chelle. I know what you mean about car's true with husbands as well.