Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have finally decided to give Sushi a try, ( it took until I was 20 years old to try Chinese food--believe it or not!) my girlfriends all seem to enjoy it, so recently at one of my perks of the job ( a restaurant review) we were treated to the best the chef had to offer, our reviews usually pack the restaurant for the next month. I get picture duty and the editor always seems to hit the mark with describing the essence of the establishment.

The Miso soup gave me the willys but my favorite dish was the Tuna Tartar, it was amazing, indescribable really! So now if I didn't have enough other food to crave now I keep thinking about my next foray into the sushi world. The chefs are truly artists!

Here is the shot I took:


Wenderina said...

yeah - I don't have a problem with the raw aspect, it's the fish aspect that's a problem for me. Not a big fan. Hubby, however, cannot get enough of it. He particularly likes spicy tuna rolls and california rolls (mostly veggies). Enjoy!

Dani said...

Worthy to give it a try! Japanese food is great :)

Jon said...

Come out to the left coast and I'll take you down Sushi row in SF. There must be at least 50 different sushi restaurants in the city! With names like "Sushi Bang!" and "Sushi Bomb" and "Blowfish" and "Yoshi's"
I got Laura into it a few years back (she did not go willingly) now it is her favorite thing to do when we get a date night. SUSHI!!!!