Friday, November 14, 2008

Rochesterians Everywhere

It is amazing how often Jim and I meet somebody from Rochester or Upstate NY. Last night we started Bryan with a Geometry tutor ($50 an hour!) to try and pull him out of a tailspin in that class and they saw my Adirondacks sweatshirt. Apparently they spend summers in Alexandria Bay, they honeymooned in the Adirondacks, her mother had been in Old Forge last year, their niece goes to Nazareth College and a nephew is at Brockport and on and on.

Then we find out a neighbor 3 doors down grew up in Fairport,NY. One of our franhise owners went to the U of R. Jim is working on a house of a lady from Rochester. And one of my coworkers here is from Buffalo with relatives in Rochester!

The same thing happened to us when we lived in Florida, I guess we always find each other because of the accent!

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Wenderina said...

I've often tried to figure out if that is because no one STAYS in Rochester? or because the world is indeed getting smaller so the scattering of Rochesterians is just a by-product. Seems like few of my family and fewer of my friends are still there.