Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January has been good to me

Even though it is gloomy and cold out, I was thinking January is a very good month for me because some of my very favorite people were born in January!

In Date order:

January 2: My Grandma Millie who was such a wonderful lady, she taught me you can be tough and feminine at the same time, and was so generous to all her grandkids.

January 3: Karla, my very best friend in Florida, she was my boss but became my close friend through so many tough times in our lives, pregnancies, births, deaths, her husbands bout with cancer. She was understanding and supportive through it all, she made being a working mother bearable and treated my kids like they were her nephews. We had so many great walks and fun parties and not to mention 40 hours a week for 15 years of work!

January 7: My sister-in-law (more like a sister) Jeaneen, we also have been through every imaginable and unimaginable life event together, and still manage to take time to have fun together. I definitely cherish our friendship.

January 10: A new friend (for 5 years and counting) Susan, she was a breath of NY when I moved up to the south, the minute I met her I knew she was my kind of people. A great and thoughtful friend and always good for a laugh or a strong opinion!

January 14 (or 17): I am having a mental block on which day it is, Wendy, my best buddy from our formative years, one I will never let go of! SO glad we reconnected and picked up where we left off after almost 20 years of drifting apart, we never forgot about each other but forgot to make time. We won't do that again!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the lovely ladies in my life!

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Wenderina said...

So sweet. It's the 14th - but I just don't observe the day anymore. Too cold, too close to holidays, and I'm officially too old for my favorite little girl birthday celebration - the great slumber party!