Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tied up in knots

Picture this: Bryan needs to leave for his football banquet in 10 minutes, his ride is on the way he is standing there looking at me: "Can you tie my neck for me?" I have not a clue, I am a woman, not in my repertoire. Jim is caught in traffic and it is not exactly something that you can be talked through on the phone. We think run to the neighbors, no luck. Panic is setting in. His coach is a tough guy and will not be pleased if he walks in looking anything but perfect. Not to mention the embarassment.

What does my son's generation think of next --the internet! Of course, so we both run down to the computer fire it up, the clock is ticking and search Youtube for a "How to" video, it doesn't disappoint, there it is as simple as can be step by step. We had to rewind the tricky parts a few times, and were laughing hysterically through most of it , but we managed to get a reasonably presentable knot. It definitely wasn't perfect , but I don't think we will ever forget that moment. He runs upstairs and his friends are waiting in the driveway, off he goes! Whew.


Wenderina said...

Too funny. Thank goodness for YouTube!

Carl said...

Internet to the rescue again. Its not all evil.