Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mom for president?

Christopher decided the other day when we were discussing the new President, that I would make a good president because I am such a good cook, apparently that is the criteria of a nine year old boy. They have had some good meals lately and since I have been cooking for 20 years now I have a few dishes that just keep getting better. I take pride in cooking nearly every night using fresh ingredients, and am glad he appreciates it.  To name a few family favorites: Spaghetti with bolognese sauce, chicken fajitas, sweet and sour chicken, pulled pork, my version of philly cheesesteaks and the tried and true homemade pizza, which is becoming a Friday night ritual: see below
I usually do a traditional and then always do one of my freestyle pizzas with all sorts of different toppings, this one had grilled chicken, broccoli, sundried tomatoes, red peppers onions, fresh tomatoes and some asiago cheese. it takes a long time to prepare but I am usually drinking wine while I am creating and it just keeps getting better.

I enjoy getting creative and forcing myself to use what is in the house, the other night I sauteed mushrooms, onions, garlic and chicken threw in some cream of mushroom soup and sour cream served it over noodles and it was a hit, of course the boys always want to know the name of whatever dish they are getting, this one didn't have an official title.

Jim and I can't figure out why the boys don't like my meatloaf, we both love it, the boys don't have a choice , I guess it will grow on them.

It's sweet how little boys view things, if only the president could cook the enemies a nice meal the world would be a more peaceful place, what else is more important than a full tummy?

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Wenderina said...

Love this post. As a non-cook, I'm impressed with people who can open up their pantry and find all the necessary ingredients for a yummy meal. I usually have to take the recipe to the store with me and buy every ingredient, then painstakingly follow the recipe (any distraction can be a disaster for me) to get a halfway decent meal.