Monday, September 14, 2009

My Slow Education in Wine

At the ripe old age of 40 is when I started giving wine a chance. Thanks to a wino buddy (you know who you are!) I have begun to find out about this mysterious universe of wine.

I sure wish I could have a do-over when I was in Spain, to be more adventurous. My sister tried very hard to get me to appreciate the Spanish wine offerings. I guess the palate just takes time to develop. My brother, a certified wine snob, warned me --he said it will become an expensive habit, once you've had the good stuff you can't go back. Well the cheapskate that I am, I haven't delved into an expensive bottle of wine yet.

The other night though, I did get to sample some moderate priced wines at a girl's night out wine tasting. Seven wines to taste, all from a vinyard right here in Georgia, some were not to my liking --but some were wonderful! Of course they only give you a small sip. It was a great way to find out before you plunk down $25 and realize its not for you! I didn't end up getting a bottle, times are tight but it is definitely in the back of my mind for a splurge in the future.
It's amazing I could get this far in life not even knowing what a Shiraz, Pinot Noir or Sirah tasted like, glad I gave it a chance! I didn't need another vice, but it sure is fun! Julie would be proud.

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Wenderina said...

I get to experience fine wines at client events and never feel I truly appreciate them. Of course my boss cringes at my consistent loyalty to the white wines - I do like a crisp Pinot Grigio, so to compensate, I keep my food orders in the fish and chicken realm to demonstrate my knowledge that white wines go well with those. It's always good to branch out and find new ways to treat yourself.