Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It seems nearly impossible that you were stolen away from us 731 days ago. I never thought I could go on without you, little sis... my father said the morning after, that he thought the sun would not rise, he was suprised when it shone brightly that next morning, our lives have surely been dimmed.

Sometimes I imagine where you would be now, certainly married, maybe a business owner, your MBA was only a few months away... it was all so close. You were so full of life and possibilities, the most positive, talented, brilliant and beautiful woman I will ever know.
You were courageous and caring, you were the best hostess, when you pulled me out of my comfort zone and into your world in Barcelona. Thank God I made it over there to visit you.
I often thought of all the joys you will miss out on in life and then realized you will also be spared any of life's sorrows as well, you were perfectly happy and beautiful when you died, you will not have to suffer the loss of loved ones or your own declining health someday, you will not suffer disappointments, this is some comfort to me. I am afraid to go through them without you by my side, but I will manage.


Dani said...

I'm sure she would run her own business and would be married, I can tell you..
She was always full of projects and great ideas. And was a hard worker too. I "suffered" the MBA: studying, being away, arriving late... but always encouraged her to do what she really liked. I was so looking after the end of the MBA spend more time together, she was my present and my future! I miss her so much... My thoughts are with you, Michelle. Lots of love!

Michelle said...

She had met her perfect match

Wenderina said...

Chelle - my heart aches for your loss as always.

Jon said...

Michelle, I'll grow old and sick and lose loved ones with you every step of the way. (that sounds so weird, but you know what I mean)
Beautiful blog, says it all.