Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raindrops and puppies...

Well this week has gotten off to a crazy start!

Our new Dachshund puppy was ready to come home, we picked up Cleo during the middle of the rain storm. We listened to the torrential downpour all night while the puppy slept quietly, then Jim got up to check on her and she thought at 5 a.m. -"yeah it's time to play!" So we were both sleep deprived. Got ready for work and the mayhem ensued... roads washed out everywhere traffic backed up beyond description.

It is amazing the terrible feeling you have when you can't get to your house. Now I understand why people get swept away, you really lose your bearing when it is raining so hard and you are on a strange road. At one point on the way home, I took a wrong turn and was down some strange country road, I kept following it and came out on a familiar street, what a relief.

Above is a photo I swiped off Facebook of a nearby main intersection and the new baby!


Wenderina said...

What a sweet little girl you've got there. I was thinking of you when they were talking about the flooding, but thought it was further north of you. Stay safe! (and dry!)

Dave King said...

Wow! That's a contrast to behold, indeed!