Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Why can't I get off the couch?

I am fully aware that my couch dwelling will be paid for with hours sweating at the gym. My clothes are tight, and I am feeling lazier by the day. Of course the dogs are thrilled I am spending so much time on the couch, they settle in, one my lap, one usually up by my neck. We are in a warm huddle buried in a heavy afghan. I can't possibly disturb them and get up go out in the cold and wind to exercise! They are accomplices in my lazy behavior for sure.

We finally got a real good snow, it was awesome for the boys, Chris said it was the best day of his life, and it was the most snow he had ever seen. Bryan and his teenage buddies weren't too cool to have fun in the snow either. Jim helped Chris build a big snowman, but I stayed in, I thought making hot cocoa was a much better idea!
Of course, we do live in the South and the next day the snow was just a memory.

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