Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No Prom Here

I am bummed- my son has opted to skip the Prom!, He didn't really give it much thought (as far as I know). I was shocked, it was such a big deal back in my day. I guess it is more of a "girl" thing to get excited about getting dressed up for a night on the town. His school is having it at the Fabulous Fox Theatre, can't believe he will miss it!

No photo-op for Mom. Maybe when he is a Senior, I can always hope.


JeannetteLS said...

Maybe he felt he shouldn't blow a wad of money if he wasn't serious about someone... My son did that one year, but then, his senior year he had a girlfriend and went. He talked about feeling funny when a girl asked him because she just wanted to go to the prom, and he didn't want to ask another girl he liked but who didn't like HIM as much... he felt that was kind of like bribing her. I sort of felt like you, though. I didn't go to my proms and was looking forward to the pictures! So we'll hope for senior year for you both!

I love reading blogs about family life, about moms and wives and professional people ... sometimes I miss those days, but other times? Other times I remember the worries and the angst. I wish we had had blogs back then, when sometimes we could not talk on the phone or really kick around our situations. Am I wrong? Don't blogs and things like Facebook HELP? Sorry. That was a tangent...

Anyway, I appreciate the candor of your blog, and how much love shines through.

Wenderina said...

Oh Chelle - that's just cuz you met your lifemate at the prom. I skipped Jr. prom and went to movies with Joyce and we had a great night. We were a little jealous of our friends, but more that they were asked by a guy than for the actual location, activity of the prom. Senior was fun, but I actually remember the senior banquet more because that was just us hanging out and having fun.